India Reflection

Coming back to Colgate from India was a very hard transition. I loved the time in India and it went by way too quickly. I loved being able to travel and experience new sites, new foods and new culture. It was my first time getting to truly experience all of this and it was such an amazing time. The snow and the constant routine of waking up and just going to class has been hard to adapt to. One of my favorite parts of being in India was just having the ability to look out from the bus and see all of the beauty that India possesses. However, the poverty that we witnessed was truly heart-wrenching. I have spent quite a bit of time brainstorming how our class could create some kind of campus wide activity that would allow for us to raise awareness about the poverty we witnessed and also collect some money to give to an organization that works to help people in those situations. I have not been able to come up with any super solid ideas yet, but I think a party at 100 Hamilton would be a fun, inclusive event that anyone could attend as long as they donated 5 dollars!

I cannot wait to go back to India and spend more time exploring and experiencing everything!

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