It’s been a couple of weeks since we left India.  Classes have started again, and I’m much busier.  But sometimes I take a couple of moments to reflect back on the incredible journey that this SRS class had together.  We did a lot together and I believe that everyone grew as a person as a result of it. We went a lot of amazing places in India, and this required lots of long bus rides, which I didn’t actually mind.  The bus rides were when I saw the most.  We spent hours traveling through farm fields and small towns outside of Aurangabad.  The region seemed to be somewhat equivalent to where Colgate is located in New York.  This ‘equivalency’ gave for interesting thoughts while riding.  India is an incredibly over-populated country, and poverty is ever-present.  Unfortunately poverty is also incredibly present in Madison County, where we live.  This fact is something that we at Colgate tend to gloss over.  Colgate is obviously very wealthy, and most students here are wealthy too.  Despite our incredible financial privilege as an institution, we do not do all that much to make the area around us better.  When you compare this to India the United States is kind of like Colgate; it has incredible resources, but does not use them, all that much, to promote welfare around the globe.  These feelings that I have toward this topic come from many experiences in India, but one in particular, that I know we all remember.  While we all remember, I’m sure that some of us would like to forget.  I would urge us to remember that experience and to use that memory as motivation to do what we can to make a difference in the lives of others, in the U.S. and around the world.

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