Reflecting back on our time in India

Thinking back to our time in India brings a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. From the absolutely breathtaking sites to the juxtaposition of wealth and poverty on just one street, I realized how little I actually know about the world. As I said before, this is trip was my first time outside of the country for an extended period of time and it opened my eyes to the much larger bubble that is the rest of the world. India is so lively and animated. It seemed chaotic at first, but after spending some time there, I realized that it is actually quite organized and in sync. India is historic yet youthful in that it is teeming with ancient stories and peoples yet it is full of energy and life. Driving through the city and seeing everyone spending time with each other reminded me of Puerto Rico. I remember taking nighttime walks with my family around where my grandparents live and seeing families sitting on their porches together, talking about the day’s events and reminiscing about “the good ol’ days”. India was different, however, in that this sense of community was seen at all times of the day. It’s something I wish I had more of back home.

I will never forget the people who helped us along the way and the people we interacted with. Deepa and Depak were so helpful, caring, and funny! Our trip would not have gone as well as it did without their guidance. I am extremely grateful for all that they did for us to make our time in India unforgettable. Professor Hingorani and Professor Ganvir shared much of their knowledge with us. Their passion and excitement made our trips to the caves so enjoyable and allowed us to see the caves in ways we wouldn’t have without their expertise. I am very grateful for the time and knowledge they shared with us. One part of the cave experience that I will never forget is the children who were also visiting the caves. It brought me much joy to see their faces light up when we took selfies with them. Their laughter and excitement was contagious. All of these people, and the many others who helped us along the way, made this beautiful and exceptional trip so memorable for which I am so thankful!

Although the food was quite tasty, I was ready to come home when we did and have some food that didn’t start a fire in my mouth. 🙂 This trip was definitely a privilege that I was blessed to be a part of. For this, I must thank Professor Kaimal. Thank you so much for selecting us to learn about your passions and allowing us to be on this journey with you! I’m not an art and art history major or minor, but I’ve definitely learned to appreciate the work that scholars like yourself do. Your work helps us gain a better understanding of the past which helps us understand our current lives. Thank you so much for an experience like no other!

Delicious lunch!!!
Beautiful mornings in Mumbai
Bridge to Pitalkhora caves
Excited baby monkey at Ellora!!!
Lunch at Ellora (with the naan-stealing monkeys 🙂 )
Beautiful view of the Ajanta caves

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