Looking Back

When people ask me about my time in India, I find I keep giving them different answers. It usually starts with “it was fantastic!” but then diverges into “I realized time isn’t real”  if they catch me at a time I’m still jet lagged, or “we saw a ton of caves” if I had just come off of Facebook, or more often “a monkey stole our naan!”. So much happened during those ten days thats its difficult to place a single label onto the trip.

It was ten days that challenged us both physically and mentally. We were forced to face early mornings, daunting hikes and even more daunting spicy foods. We saw poverty like it doesn’t exist in the states, stark in contrast to our shiny hotel and thats something I’m still trying to wrap my head around. We got the chance to see caves that had been carved 2000 years before us, got to walk and climb through the same spaces as the monks and worshippers that lived there. We got to spend hours staring out bus windows and see miles of country and people and animals and colors pass by. Every minute of the trip there was something new to see, to hear, to smell. It’s an experience I still haven’t fully deconstructed, and is something I know I’ll keep understanding the repercussions of as I continue to go through life. Right now I am just so thankful that I had the opportunity to have these ten days to discover and grow and learn.


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