Back In The States !

Im back, back to the old routines, back to the same scenery, back to the same feelings. There was something about being in India where words and pictures do no justice in explaining. It was just a feeling of peace, that may be because I did not have to do class work or maybe its because the people there I understand a little bit better but it was something about being over there that gave me peace. As I continue to think about it, my smile was so natural over there. Its cold here in Hamilton, extremely cold here and I am not just talking about temperature. The feeling of being back at Colgate, as excited as I am to start back being productive, just feels lifeless. It may have been because I was so excited to try something different. But now that I am back, I understand how much a gain this experience was. The caves and monuments were special but the people and the food made me feel at home, even the vegetarian food. I miss it. My family and community is proud of me. It makes me feel good to have experienced something that my family hasn’t and to bring it back to them, not to show off but to share what I have learned, thats why I asked so many questions. India is much more complicated in my head than the way life probably is for them, or maybe they just make it look flawless, India is something really special and I hope to visit again within the next ten years.

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