The most striking visit of the trip for me was our time spent at the Kailasanatha temple on our first day at Ellora.

Kailasanatha Temple (cave 16) from above

Its size, as shown in these pictures from above is immediately awe inspiring. After that shock wore off, it was equally impressive considering the manner in which the cave was constructed-chiseled from the top down.

Kailasanatha Temple (cave 16) from above

It is hard to fathom with the size and level of detail on all parts of the structure how this would have been planned and executed. The Kailasanatha encompassed the whole class for me, and incorporated ideas that I had previously only considered in isolation, and in the classroom. Here, architecture, iconography, school children, and good food came together to form an unforgettable experience. And while I think nothing will match standing in front of the massive rendition of Mt Kailash, pictures can portray such an experience better than words


Gabby, Re, and Enrique take in the sights
Inside a pillared hall

Gavaksha engravings


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