The Stress of Packing

As of right now, it has not even registered in my brain that by the end of today, I will be on a flight heading to India. I could have been overthinking it a bit, but there has been so much to do in preparation, that I cannot get myself to even think about actually being on the trip. For the past couple of days, my attention has mostly been focused on my checklist. One of my biggest fears for this trip is that I will somehow forget something of the utmost importance, such as pills, money, or underwear. Even this morning I find myself looking through my suitcase, checking for things that I know I already packed. While I’m on the topic of fears for the trip, I have to say my biggest fear is getting sick somehow while in India. This past week has been my first healthy week all break after having pneumonia, so the last thing that I want is to be sick again. A surprising coincidence is that my mom actually has a friend who is in Mumbai right now, and he has been updating her about his trip. Unfortunately, he got very sick from some food that my mom did not specify and now he has to “wear two pairs of underwear just to be safe.” With that in mind it would really be quite unfortunate if I forget to pack underwear.

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