Here we go!

I am originally from Eastern Europe and have traveled all of my life – especially in dynamic, overcrowded, and very fast moving cities. India has been on my travel list for a while now, particularly Mumbai. Although it may seem messy and unorganized, I believe there is something that works very well for the city. Something very orderly, yet fluid, that continues to attract people from around the world. For me, this will be a fresh experience after living in Hamilton for the last two years.

As of now,  we are about five hours away from boarding the plane to Mumbai. It has been a long time coming but I am finally on my way to the Liberty airport with Enrique, Jesse, Gabby, Ravendra, Hemi, and Reyna. On the surface, we seem nonchalant and cool but I think we all are a bit nervous about meeting everyone at the airport (or maybe it’s just me), anxious about the long flight, excited about our very first interaction with India, and of course, our stay there. The schedule put together by Professor Kaimal is comprehensive, the hotels seem phenomenal, and the food certainly seems promising from the videos I’ve watched, the reviews I’ve read, and the conversations I’ve had with my Indian friends.

The fact that we will be visiting the caves and temples we studied during the fall semester is a blessing and I am so thankful to Colgate about the opportunity. Now, it is up to us to make the most of the next 10 days, represent Colgate in the best way, and be responsible students, tourists, and human being.

Here’s to entering 2017 the best, possible way!

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