A Whirlwind Of Emotions

Before this day ends, I’ll already be on a 15 hour flight to the other side of the world. I’ve always wanted to go to India for a semester but since our school didn’t have an official study group, I was slightly bitter. That’s why getting accepted into this program is something I’m so grateful for. Taking an art history course was something I had never done before but I pushed myself to¬†go out of my comfort zone for once. Surprisingly, it was very enjoyable to learn about architecture of temples and caves. Like everyone else, I’m extremely anxious about this trip. I keep repacking my bags and checking if I have everything needed. I’m a bit paranoid that something problematic will happen but hopefully nothing will. Excitement overshadows my feelings of nervousness and paranoia. As I’m writing this, I’m so thrilled that I just can’t fall asleep even though it’s almost 4 am. I can’t wait to experience a new culture as well as see the sites we learned about in class with my own two eyes. I’ll probably be overwhelmed when we first arrive at India and won’t be able to pay attention to anything said so please bear with me. I look forward to spending these next ten days with you guys and making unforgettable memories!

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