Kindness in the Thieves’ Market

Today we visited an area filled with stalls selling antiques, also bicycle parts, plumbing, and fresh vegetables.  The area has the colorful name of Thieves’ Market (Chor Bazaar) but it is a quiet Muslim neighborhood full of people just going about their day. I was wearing Indian clothes – a wide scarf (dupatta) across my chest, a long tunic (split at the sides), over loose pants – and I had a heavy bag slung across my front.  After we had walked and shopped for an hour, a woman walking by stopped right in front of me, looked at my hips, and silently tugged the front of my tunic back down over my pants. The heavy bag had made the tunic ride up. I had no idea.  But she did and she took the time and trouble to take care of me.  Such kindness to a stranger.  I leaned toward her, touched her arm and thanked her and we just smiled at my foolishness.

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